Meeting Women in a Book or Music Shop

Published: 03rd May 2007
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Hello Doc -

Is a bookshop or a music shop a good place to ask women out? If so, how do you start a conversation? Wouldn't it be strange? You see, I haven't met anyone that great through friends or at bars and clubs.

I also wanted to know what to do when either you or she is with a group of friends. I haven't heard of many people hooking up like that. Also, it's usually a problem (for me at least) when you do not have a mutual friend, to introduce you.

Thanks for your help.


I'm not surprised at all that you aren't meeting great women at bars or clubs. These both are in the top 3 worse places to meet women (the 3rd being the Internet.)

Yes, bookstores and music shops are probably two of the best places you'll ever find to meet women. I'd only ask them out however if you've created enough rapport and connection. Then, you can move things into the attached-coffee shop or somewhere else local. Otherwise, just do a number close and call her later.

No, there's nothing strange about this at all! You're just a nice guy that happens to meet a nice girl. You open with the context ("What do you like most about that author/topic/section/etc.?") Once you get the conversation going then you go into more rapport/connection building and finally close.

If you want to know more about all sorts of great places to meet women, and different approaches to use, check out my e-book, "1001 Places and Techniques to Meet Great Women".

With regards to meeting women in groups, this is much more complicated than I can get into via email. There are very specific ways of approaching women solo or in groups whether you're alone or with friends yourself. It's not tough to learn, but it takes quite a while to describe. In fact, we just released the "Hunting Seminar on DVD" that goes into all of this in great depth. It's not as easy as simply memorizing some dumb pick-up line, but it's not hard and is vastly more effective!

You're right that most people DON'T do this - but that's only because they don't know how easy it really is. This is a great way to approach women, and you shouldn't have to rely on friends to introduce you at all. If you do, you're missing a TON of great girls.

Best regards...
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